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if youre crazy/lost in the world and need some direction join this tribe RSS Feed what is XML?

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nude senior gays' free meet up  topic
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Lack of artistic talent as a mental disorder  topic
cry for help!  topic
Astro Empires Beta  review
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I need friends who can tolerate my atypical per...  topic
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stinkiest-sink.gif  photo flag
indigenous ways of seeing: crazy folks  topic
TAKE YOUR DRUGS!  photo flag
I seem to be smarter than my therapist  topic
Crap, crap crappy new year!!  topic
Give the public what they want -- NOT!  topic
Jesus, Willy Nelson outer-space on a tour bus  topic
No more therapy for me (for now)  topic
I'm in The Twilight Zone  topic
Forgiveness: It's fracking hard to do!  topic
Stop discrimination against crazy people!!  topic
St. John's Wort again  topic
Let's go over this again  topic

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